Quake Plus 3D

Quake Plus 3D 1.00

Reimaging Quake on Java phones


  • Great graphics
  • Faithful port of original game


  • Camera has problems


Quake Plus 3D is a port of the original Quake to the Java OS.

Even though Quake Plus 3D only includes one game mode, it includes many different weapons to create a great gameplay experience. Quake Plus 3D looks like the original Quake game. Even though the game looks old now, the visuals may create nostalgia for older PC players.

The controls in Quake Plus 3D are mapped to the number buttons and while there is a learning curve, you should be able to get used to the controls quickly.

If you were a big fan of Quake, Quake Plus 3D is a perfect addition to your game collection.

Quake Plus 3D


Quake Plus 3D 1.00

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